UK announces ‘largest ever’ military aid package to Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine War News

The package includes funding to build a swarm of missiles, armored vehicles and new drones.

Britain has announced its biggest ever military aid package to help Ukraine fight Russian aggression.

London said in a statement on Tuesday that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will explain details of the 500 million pound ($620 million) aid package during a visit to Poland. Ukraine desperately needs more aid as Russian troops begin to advance to the front and step up airstrikes.

Britain’s announcement comes as the White House seeks to push through a long-delayed aid package worth around $60 billion from the United States.

The funding will bring Britain’s total military aid to Ukraine to 3 billion pounds ($3.71 billion) in the current financial year, the British government said.

The new package will provide funding for ammunition, air defense, drones and technical assistance. The government said the drones would be “sourced in the UK and the funding will support the expansion of the domestic defense supply chain”.

What Britain calls “the largest single equipment package in history” includes 60 boats, more than 1,600 offensive and defensive missiles, and also the Storm Shadow long-range precision-guided missile.

More than 400 vehicles, including 162 armored vehicles, and 4 million rounds of small arms ammunition will also be delivered.

“Protecting Ukraine from Russia’s brutal ambitions is vitally important to our security and to Europe as a whole. If President Putin is allowed to succeed in this war of aggression, he will not stop at Poland’s borders. “Yes,” Sunak said.

Sunak will meet with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw to discuss bilateral relations, as well as NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to discuss European security and support for Ukraine. He will then travel to Germany to meet with Berlin Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said the policy would help restore stability in Europe.

“The UK delivered the first NLAW missile, the first modern tank and the first long-range missile,” he said.

“Now we are moving further forward. We will never let the world forget the existential battle that Ukraine is fighting, and with our permanent support they will win. ”

The British Prime Minister’s Office said Mr Sunak had also made proposals to Poland, “proposing the deployment of the Royal Air Force.” [royal air force] Next year, Typhoon Squadron will conduct NATO air security over Poland. ”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called for more support from Western countries. Russia has made relative military progress in recent months and continues to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure.

The US House of Representatives passed a $60 billion military aid package for Ukraine on Saturday. The package awaits Senate approval, with debate expected to begin this week.

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