Continuing mayhem: Images from the third year of the Ukraine war

As Europe’s largest and deadliest war since the end of World War II enters its third year, the scale of the devastation caused by Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine continues to grow.

According to reports, the front line was a scene of horrific violence, with hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers killed and injured. conservative Western estimates. The list of Ukrainian cities and towns largely destroyed by Russian bombs and artillery is growing every month.

Russian forces have been inching forward, inflicting staggering casualties, to capture cities like Avdiivka, which Moscow captured in February.

Away from the front lines, millions of Ukrainians are spending hours in air raid shelters as Russia continues to rain missiles and drones on troops and civilians across the country. Ukraine’s energy grid has been severely damaged and is operational, but only sporadically. Thousands of schools, hospitals, and cultural institutions were damaged or destroyed. Millions of people lost their homes.

All the while, photographers from the New York Times and other news organizations have been documenting the war, capturing glimpses of how soldiers and civilians experienced it. According to photographers, some images never remain.

This gallery contains graphic images.

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