Counseling for families of deceased helicopter crew members

Lumut: The Perak Social Welfare Department (JKM) is providing counseling services to the family of a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) member who died in the helicopter tragedy in Lumut yesterday.

State Women, Family, Social Welfare, Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship Development Committee chairperson Datuk Salvia Mohamed said the ministry visited three households in Serama, Lekil and Sitiawan.

She said that in addition to providing assistance from the emergency fund and private donations, she also monitored their situation.

“We assess the best approach, type of support and intervention needed.

“The impact may not be visible in a day or two, but it will take a week or two, and JKM will conduct follow-up visits to each household,” she told reporters here yesterday.

Mr. Salvia, who was visiting the family of Second Warrant Officer TMK Mohd Shahrizan Mohd Termizi in Taman Bunga Tanjung near Lekil, said that in such difficult times, it is difficult for next of kin to deal with the tragedy from outsiders. He emphasized the need for support.

“JKM monitors the victim’s family, especially the spouse and children.

“Of course children who lose their parents will be traumatized and shocked, so we will give them some time to assess their mental state,” she said.

The tragic crash occurred at 9:32 a.m. yesterday during a rehearsal for the RMN 90th Anniversary Parade at Lumut Naval Base, involving seven Maritime Operations Helicopter (HOM) crew members and three Fennec crew members. Ten people lost their lives, including Mr.

The late Mohd Shahrizan was survived by his wife Noor Ain Mohammad Arifin (41 years old) and three children, Nurul Shafiqa (21 years old), Nurul Shafiza (20 years old), and Nurul Shafirul (20 years old). (15 years old) is left behind. – Bernama

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