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Development of Chinese language education in Sabah is praised

Publication date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Author: Alex Ong

Mr. Hajiji (center) receiving a keepsake from Mr. Clement (second from the right), Mary (right) looking on, Edwin (second from the left), and Mr. Goh (left).

Kota Kinabalu: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor said the state government has always shown great interest in the development of Chinese language education in Sabah. “Since taking office as premier, the state government has increased funding for Chinese schools every year, including for the maintenance of independent Chinese schools,” he said.

“With funding for non-Muslim religious groups, mission schools, state-run and private schools, this year’s amount has increased to about RM57 million,” he said during a courtesy visit by a delegation from Kian Kok Secondary School led by the board chairman. said. Datuk Clement Yeh at the State Legislative Assembly Building on Tuesday. Vice-chairman Datuk Mary Lin Nga Ming, first vice-chairman Edwin Koh Tse-ak and principal Goh Teck Seng were also present. Mr Hajiji said the Chinese Independent Schools in Sabah also play an important role in the nation’s human resource development and bear an important responsibility for the state government’s human resource development. The courtesy visit took place in conjunction with Kian Kok’s 60th anniversary fundraising dinner held at Portview Palace Hall in Likas here on Saturday (April 27).

Over 1,000 guests will be in attendance to celebrate the school’s milestones and achievements. Hajiji will be the guest of honor at the event.

Mr Clement said the Chief Minister had shown great interest in the development of Chinese language education in Sabah and Mr Kian Kok appreciated the increase in the annual allocation. He said Kian Kok attaches great importance to the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) for high school students and actively promotes trilingual education. “Furthermore, Kian Kok is working on preparing the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) in line with the Ministry of Education curriculum to enable students to study in a trilingual environment. The aim is to provide broad opportunities for growth and enable them to overcome more difficult social conditions with ease,” he said.

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