Development projects promoting Paro, Kedan and Belangan

Paro: Parow, Kedan, Belangan and Tanjong Manis parliamentary constituencies in Semop state constituency will continue to be developed to ensure the development of rural areas.

Sarawak Deputy Minister of State for Prime Minister (Corporate Affairs, Information, UKAS) Datuk Abdullah Saidul said several projects under the Rural Transformation Program (RTP) will be implemented as soon as possible.

“Among them, Phase 1 of the Kampung Lot Parow road improvement project worth RM570,000 has been applied for and is currently awaiting approval from the Sarawak Economic Planning Unit (EPU).”

“Meanwhile, in Kampung Kedan, the Kampung Kedan Community Hall construction project worth RM500,000 through RTP 2024 and the jetty and concrete road access construction project worth RM5 million through Rajang Delta Development Authority (RADDA) will also be implemented. be.

“Kampung Belangan has also been left with a road improvement project from the community center to Belangan Pier for which RM400,000 has been allocated and the voting (cabut undi) process is currently being completed.”

Abdullah said this while speaking at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house in Kampung Parow on Tuesday, April 23.

Rep. Semop added that these projects are a priority for the Sarawak government in ensuring the development of rural areas.

Meanwhile, Tanjong Manis MP Ir Yusuf Abd Wahab said that in line with the Parow-Tanjung Manis road project to be implemented, there are some additional projects through RADDA to upgrade existing facilities. Ta.

“Among the projects to be implemented include a commercial wharf project and road access to Kampung Parow connecting the Kampung Parow concrete jetty.

“Additionally, the Parow-Kedang road improvement project, construction of a new fishermen’s pier at Kampung Parow and construction of a new bridge to Kampung Lot Parow will total RM47 million.”

Abdullah and Yusuf then visited SK Orang Kaya Muda Pakeri to inspect the necessary facilities following the issue of the school’s main building being deemed unsafe to use.

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