Ethereum Foundation Open Call re: Board Selection

As Ethereum approaches its first official launch with Frontier, we spent the last week of February in Hollon, Switzerland, discussing what the future holds for the Ethereum Foundation. Since the inception of the project, one of our main dreams has been to not only provide world-class products, but also to create world-class products with the quality governance and transparency befitting a foundation tasked with supporting: It was about building an organization. Organize maintenance of the Ethereum code for potentially decades to come. To this end, we have taken a number of steps, including hiring new management staff and transforming our internal branding, and now we have officially announced the recruitment of new members to our Board of Directors.

First, I will provide a general overview of how the Foundation is currently structured from an organizational perspective.

Stiftung Ethereum (German for “Ethereum Foundation”) is a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland. Especially in the wonderful city of Zug.

Stiftung is the institution ultimately tasked with managing the funds and determining the long-term vision and direction of Ethereum. The Foundation is legally managed by a body known as the Foundation Council. However, there is also a larger advisory group that is involved in providing input for decision-making. Europe has a large number of legal entities registered in multiple countries, each of which employs individuals resident in their respective countries. The centers in Switzerland and Berlin are the largest. The Foundation Council makes decisions from time to time and is intended to focus on the long term. Day-to-day development decisions were handled by an “executive team” consisting of myself, Gavin Wood, and Jeffrey Wilke, with extensive management and security management from Aaron Buchanan, Jutta Steiner, Kerry Becker, Fridjof Weinert, and others. We are receiving great support.

We are extremely grateful for the continued service of our current Foundation Advisory Board and Board of Trustees and have enjoyed a successful first year under their leadership. However, now that the scope and size of the organization has expanded significantly, we are taking steps to (i) introduce new members to the Foundation Council and (ii) move the Foundation’s activities and operations closer to a more mature organization. I’m considering migrating at the same time. A Board member must come to Switzerland at least two to five times a year to attend official Board meetings. At board meetings, management provides updates on the current status of the project and discusses direction and future plans. Pass necessary resolutions related to the Foundation. Any board member is free to contribute beyond this. The new board of directors is expected to be finalized and inaugurated at the end of June.

The ideal characteristics we look for in potential director candidates include:

  • Experience serving on a nonprofit board
  • Position as a leader and innovator in a field (commercial or not-for-profit) that could potentially benefit from blockchain and decentralized application technology, ideally outside the existing “cryptocurrency” space.
  • Experience and interest in supporting long-term fundraising efforts
  • Conflicts of interest are minimal (considering the aforementioned criteria, conflicts of interest are unavoidable, but this may apply to individuals who are primarily engaged in non-profit activities or whose commercial activities do not intersect too much with their interests). means preferring one of the individuals who can reasonably be expected not to hold a position in Ethereum)
  • Excitement and interest in decentralized technology
  • No history of unethical or illegal conduct, particularly in the areas of embezzlement, insider trading, and fraud.
  • Diverse industry and national and cultural backgrounds (e.g., desire a balance between the Americas, Europe, and Asia)

If you think you meet most or all of these requirements, or know someone who does, please feel free to send us an email.

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