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Ethereum has been preparing for what may be the most exciting digital alliance since IBM and Microsoft successfully partnered on the IBM PC. We know you were expecting great things from Ethereum, and we’re happy to bring you this exciting and unexpected news.

As you know, mining on Ethereum is best done with a graphics card. But buying expensive graphics cards for mining on an industrial scale re-establishes the centralized mining cartels that are a big part of the Bitcoin landscape. We want more decentralization than that, and after much thought and quiet discussion, we would like to announce Valve, a permanent solution to the mining decentralization problem.

Valve’s Steam is quickly reaching 100 million users, most of whom have serious graphics hardware at their disposal. Valve offers mining software to the majority of these machines by simply providing users with mining software and asking them to successfully download it in exchange for joining the network and the chance to earn a small amount of credits that can be redeemed in future Steam releases. You have the influence to introduce software. Purchased and Downloadable Content. Basically, it’s called Ethereum-on-Steam: Steamium.

This solution solves many of Valve’s problems in creating meaningful value for gamers, not just fun. Transferable digital assets that reside on the new Steamium blockchain will allow players to buy, sell, and trade as they wish using smart contracts that prevent fraud, cartelization, and illegal sales. It may adversely affect the fundamental functionality of the game or network.

Of course, Steam OS and Steam Machine will likely be Steamium-native products, relying on blockchain at every level of functionality, from checking and validating software updates to securing user accounts and allowing users to communicate and transact. It incorporates technology and smart contracts. Our new project intends to do everything possible to advance both gaming and operating system technology with these new products.

one more.

Steamium will be integrated into the highly anticipated Half Life 3 and released at the same time.

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