EU, UN call for investigation into mass graves reported at Gaza hospital


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Insights from Sky News, Le Monde, The Conversation and Human Rights Watch

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The European Union and the United Nations have called for an independent investigation into reports that mass graves were discovered near two hospitals in the Gaza Strip that were attacked by Israeli forces.

The Palestinian Authority said more than 300 bodies were found in and around Nasser and Al Shifa hospitals. tied up and stripped of clothes. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denied burying the bodies, saying they were exhumed after the military received information that the bodies of several Israeli hostages captured in the October 7 Hamas attack were in the area. Stated.

The UN human rights chief said he was “horrified” by the report, adding that the “deliberate killing” of civilians and detainees amounted to a war crime.




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Satellite images show the site where IDF bulldozers were placed

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Source: Sky News

The Israeli military said it had examined the bodies “while preserving the dignity of the dead” and that any bodies not identified as Israeli had been returned. However, according to satellite images collected by Sky News, The site was bulldozed, the station said there was “extensive” damage in the area. Video posted on social media and seen by Sky also showed bulldozers moving into the area and tracks running over the facility when the IDF occupied the hospital site in February.

This is not the first time there have been allegations of war crimes in Gaza.

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Source: Le Monde, Human Rights Watch

Reports of mass graves have raised concerns that war crimes are being committed in Gaza. The non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch previously reported that the Israeli militaryindiscriminate and disproportionateThe attacks in Gaza amount to collective punishment. In Le Monde, Benjamin Barthes also said: widespread civilian deaths The “dumb bombs” used by the Israeli military are not designed for precision strikes and are intended to target the family homes of potential Hamas fighters. “In the name of eradicating Hamas, the Israeli government is leading a massive escalation of civilian killings in the Gaza Strip,” he claimed.

Because IDF uses AI, the margin of error can be large.

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Source: The Conversation

The IDF is using artificial intelligence to attack potential Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip, using a tool said to be 90% accurate. However, the false positive rate is 10%. widespread civilian deaths, researchers Lauren Gould, Linde Arendze, and Marijn Whitink pointed out in The Conversation. AI-led strikes “appear more objective and statistically correct because we generally see value in computer-based systems,” they write. Their algorithms focus on characteristics that the IDF considers to be a possible Hamas operative, such as frequent changes of address or phone number, and presence in his WhatsApp groups with known extremists. However, as civilians flee their homes, they are also likely to change their contact information, the authors added. “Thus, these civilians unwittingly make themselves suspects for lethal targets.”

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