Group wins RM3,000 for decorated “pintu Gerbang”

Saratok: Chahaya Sag Hati Group was declared the winner of Saratok’s Pintu Gelban Aidilfitri contest and the group’s decorated gateway was selected as the best work of the contest.

Abang Azwan Abang Sarkawi represented the group and received the prize money of RM3,000. Meanwhile, Kampung Tanjung Hilir was named the runner-up of the competition, with the group led by Junaidi Bujang winning RM2,300.

Third place went to Otai Masih Berbisa group, who won a cash prize of RM1,500. A total of eight groups participated in the contest, each providing a different decoration for the “Pintu Gelban”.

Karaka City Councilor Mohammad Douri, who presented the award, said the competition enlivens the spirit of Aidilfitri, an annual program.

“In fact, this has been an iconic event and tradition in Saratok every Aidilfitri season for decades. Celebrations in Saratok are incomplete without this essential event.

“Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest. I can say that they (decorated gateways) are all beautiful and all wonderful. Insha’Allah, it will continue next year as well,” he said.

He was speaking at the Karaka Aidiftri Open House Program held at SJKC Minshin School Hall.

Mr Mohamad pointed out that one of the highlights of this year was the theme “Sarawak Maju Makmur”.

“I accept that the sport has changed since it started 26 years ago. It used kerosene lamps, then electricity, and I think it’s now more modern. .

“We can therefore see that the shape, pattern and decoration of this gateway is adapted to the current development,” he said.

At the same time, Councilor Karaka said the competition shows the spirit of teamwork in building and decorating each gateway of the community.

“We must know that this collaborative and consensus-building attitude guarantees the well-being of our communities as we continue to develop and progress together,” he added.

A Raya Karaoke Contest was also held during the open house program, and Azuri Hanapi from Kampung Mangut was selected as the winner.

On the other hand, Nourashkin Sakedar, who participated in Saratok, secured the runner-up place, while Taha Arifin from Kabon took third place.

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