Russia vetoes Security Council resolution on weapons-free outer space — Global Issues

of security council The resolution submitted by Japan and the United States was rejected with 13 votes in favor, 1 against, and 1 abstention (China), and the journal of 15 countries called on “all countries, especially those that have concluded national security treaties.” It was a call to action. Strengthen key space capabilities and actively contribute to the objectives of peaceful use of outer space and prevention of an arms race in outer space. ”

According to the draft, the Security Council also urges all states to “restraint from actions inconsistent with their objectives and relevant existing treaties, with a view to maintaining international peace and security and promoting international cooperation.” It had become.

Council rejects amendments submitted by China and Russia

Member states also rejected amendments submitted by China and Russia with seven votes in favor, seven against, and one abstention, falling short of the nine votes needed for adoption.

The proposed amendments state that the Security Council “calls on all States, especially those with major space capabilities, to take urgent measures to prevent at all times the installation of weapons in outer space and the threat or use of weapons.” Suggested an additional paragraph. the use of military force in outer space, from space against the Earth, and from the Earth against objects in outer space, and through negotiation the early development of appropriate legally binding multilateral agreements that are appropriately and reliably verifiable; It is to explore the formulation. ”

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