Study plan for training medical assistants as doctors

Millimeter: To strengthen the medical workforce and meet the growing demand for doctors, Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Sing has submitted a proposal urging the Federal Ministry of Health to consider establishing a service plan.

The scheme is intended to provide a pathway for qualified and promising medical assistants to further their studies and transition into physician roles, Lee said.

He emphasized the importance of human resource development in the medical field, saying that empowering medical assistants to pursue higher education and become doctors could significantly strengthen the country’s healthcare system.

“By creating opportunities for career advancement, this plan will not only address the shortage of doctors, but also improve the overall quality of health services provided to the population,” he said on Wednesday. He said this at the launch of the Sarawak state-level medical assistant celebration held at .

Mr Lee represented Datuk Amar Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sim Quy Hian.

He said the introduction of such a system could allow the Ministry of Health to tap into its pool of skilled medical professionals who are already familiar with the intricacies of medical practice.

Mr. Lee emphasized the vital role that medical assistants play within the health care system and emphasized their essential contributions in various medical settings.

He emphasized that medical assistants serve in specialty clinics, operating rooms, emergency departments, and other critical areas of health care delivery.

“Many medical assistants, in particular, have become a valuable reference point for professionals, especially when it comes to performing certain procedures with precision and expertise,” he said.

Mr. Lee emphasized that these contributions are essential to consistently provide high-quality health services to the community.

He stressed the importance of recognizing and nurturing the talent and dedication of medical assistants, as they form an integral part of the national health system’s ability to effectively respond to the health needs of the population.

Also, Dr Jack Wong, Director of Miri Hospital, Mr Siman Entlu, Sarawak Chief Medical Officer, Mr Stewart Bunchuan, Chairman of Sarawak Medical Assistant Day Celebration 2024, and Noor Izni, Director of Family Health Development, Miri Division.・Dr. Mohamed Shapee, Sarawak State President, was also present. Medical Assistant Association Betty Yinka.

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