UFC Deal, New DAO Grants, And Record Wallet Growth: Report

VeChain, one of the leading blockchain platforms, has shown great development and growth in the cryptocurrency field. Crypto analyst Crypto Busy said on XPost that VeChain started a major development path in April this year, which was marked by several major developments and integrations.

Key improvements include the implementation of NFC and blockchain chips leveraging the VETinto UFC Fighter Gloves. This development is a major step forward in sports technology and digital tracking. This integration demonstrates a real-world implementation of blockchain technology to improve trust and transparency in sports products.

VeChain strengthens eco-projects with new VeBetterDAO grants

As part of reviving community-led initiatives, Vebetadao has introduced a new subsidy based on the X-2-Earn model. This initiative was introduced to support developers and community projects that promote environmental sustainability, demonstrating His VET’s determination to apply blockchain for the common good.

Additionally, VeChain is rapidly gaining influence in the global food industry through its “Food Traceability” initiative. The project aims to improve the safety and transparency of food sourcing and handling, and provide consumers with accurate data on where and where their food comes from.

VET equally participated in Web3 meetups in Italy and France, creating connections and knowledge between the community and supporters.

In addition to new features added to the Vorj no-code platform, we have improved the VeChain SDK to make it easier for developers to build and distribute blockchain-based applications. These advances are important in bringing more creators into his VET ecosystem.

VeChain hits 3M wallet and RWA discussion trend

In addition, another milestone for VeChain is the increase in wallet holders as the platform achieved a new high of over 3 million VET wallet holders. This is a testament to the potential of VeChain and the growing trust and demand for VET, the utility token.

VeChain is also trending in discussions about Real World Assets (RWA) coins, as reported by analytical service LunarCrush and numerous social media trends. This interest is driven by VeChain’s unwavering performance and recent efforts in tokenizing digital assets.

The big event at the end of March 2024 was the release of MaaS, VeChain’s new digital asset tokenization platform. The platform was successfully launched by introducing its first corporate subscriber, his team of MotoGP champions Gresini Racing. This integration is a testament to the platform’s power and is in line with digital asset trends in the mainstream market.

These efforts not only secure VET’s place within the blockchain community through sustainability, but also comply with one of the current dominant narratives in the crypto world: the tokenization of real-world assets. I am. In April, infrastructure development and community action will work together to create a brighter future for VET holders and users.

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