US asks Iraq for US military protection after new attack

The U.S. military on Monday called on the Iraqi government to take steps to protect U.S. troops in both Iraq and Syria after thwarting two attacks on military bases by insurgents.

In a statement from the US Department of Defense (Department of Defense), Air Force Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder did not speculate on the reasons behind the new attack, but called on Baghdad to take action.

“These attacks put coalition forces and Iraqi soldiers at risk,” he said. “We urge the Iraqi government to do everything necessary to ensure the safety of U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria from attacks by these groups. We request that appropriate measures be taken.”

He added: “If these attacks continue, we will not hesitate to defend our forces, as we have in the past.”

The United States has about 2,500 military personnel stationed in Iraq and 900 military personnel in eastern Syria.

The drone and missile attacks were the first since January 2024, when near-daily attacks that killed three U.S. soldiers on military facilities in Jordan ceased in February.

Notably, Iraq’s Hezbollah Brigades announced on Monday that the insurgents would resume attacks on US forces due to lack of progress on the withdrawal of US troops during the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to Washington.

This comes at a time when the Islamic Resistance Army of Iraq announced that it had attacked two key targets in Eilat and the Golan in the past few days, and announced that it would target Israel with drones.

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