Verdict put off on DH accused of hurting girl in her care


The verdict on a case of a domestic helper accused of assaulting
a four-year-old girl in her care, was put off after both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer summed up their arguments at the end of a two-day trial today at the Kowloon City Court.

In the meantime, Luz Umbao, 34 years old, was freed on
$1,000 bail until the next hearing on April 30 when Deputy Magistrate Chao Sen-yee
renders her decision.

Umbao was charged with “assault by those in charge of child
or young person”, in violation of the Offenses against the Person Ordinance.

The case arose after the mother of X found four scratches on
her face and bruises on her right arm as they were having dinner on Sept. 19,
2023. The mother called police and Umbao was arrested.

However, in her testimony via a remote camera, the girl said the scratches were caused by
her own fingernails.

This was echoed by the mother, who inadvertently admitted that her
daughter had told her that her own fingernails scratched her face.

In her own testimony, Umbao said she did not immediately notice
the girl’s injuries that day as they were rushing out of her employer’s house in Ma Tau
Wai Road in Hung Hom, to fetch the older sister from school.

Umbao told the court it was the sister who first noticed the

Earlier, X had a tantrum after being woken up to
dress up so she and Umbao could fetch her elder sister, crying and resisting efforts to dress her

Umbao’s lawyer raised the possibility that the girl may have
gotten the injuries accidentally.


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