Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, StarkWare and zkSync to integrate with Avail for data availability

Avail, a modular blockchain solution designed to optimize data availability for rollups, announces that five Layer 2 projects will be integrated with the DA layer: Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, StarkWare, and zkSync. did.

Following Avail’s mainnet launch expected in the coming weeks, this integration will enable developers to build more scalable, cost-effective, and composable chains, according to a statement shared with The Block. It is said to be designed as such.

Available on Wednesdays launched Turing — Final test environment before mainnet. We focus on deployment scrutiny, stress testing, and scalability assessment. Last week, the project announced its next airdrop. 600 million AVAIL token.

The DA layer helps Layer 2 scaling solutions operate efficiently and securely, providing open access to all necessary transactional data. This transparency helps maintain the security and accuracy of transactions, prevents fraud, and enables trusted operations outside of the main Ethereum blockchain.

Avail is led by Anurag Arjun, former co-founder of Polygon. Avail DA is the first of his three parts of Avail’s full stack architecture, which also includes interoperability tool Nexus and multi-asset staking feature Fusion.

Layer 2 integration planning

Avail said it is currently working closely with OP Labs, a core contributor to Optimism, to enable integration with the company’s ecosystem.

With Arbitrum, Orbit chain builders will be able to utilize Avail DA instead of relying on AnyTrust’s external data availability committee to publish their data, the Avail team said. “Leveraging Avail expands the range of options available to Orbit developers, giving them the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their needs,” he added, an Arbitrum spokesperson. Ta.

As a component of Polygon’s interoperable AggLayer network, Avail DA will also be integrated with the Polygon Chain Development Kit, an open source software toolkit for blockchain developers to launch new layer 2 chains on Ethereum.

“The integration of Avail DA and Polygon CDK provides a robust data availability layer that improves the developer experience, with the ultimate goal of enabling a thriving and robust ecosystem,” said Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron. “It’s important to give developers this type of option if their goal is to do so.” of blockchains connected via AggLayer. ”

Our collaboration with StarkWare enables integration with the Madera rollup framework powered by Starknet, an open source stack that allows developers to build app chains.

“One of the big benefits of application-specific chains is increased throughput and scalability,” said StarkWare CEO Eli Ben-Sasson. We have found solutions like Avail as the answer to these challenges. ”

Finally, Avail DA also integrates with zkSync’s ZK stack, a modular framework that allows developers to easily customize and deploy their own interoperable ZK-powered blockchains.

“Currently, limited data availability is the blockchain industry’s biggest hurdle to mainstream adoption. Without proper DA, data availability can quickly lead to unlimited scaling. It becomes a bottleneck,” said Ramon Canales, head of product at zkSync developer Matter Labs. “Data availability solutions, such as Avail’s unique base layer, can support any blockchain. This is exactly the problem we are addressing.”

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