Be mindful of children’s social media accessibility

Written by Edwinie Einstein Unge

Kuching: In this digital age, technology has advanced rapidly, and its fast pace of invention and innovation has expanded the world’s connectivity with just a smartphone, an internet connection, and social media.

Recently, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) reminded parents to ensure that their children do not own social media accounts as it is inappropriate for children under the age of 13 to use social media platforms. Ta.

The News Sarawak Tribune reached out to parents willing to voice their opinions on the issue, whether they agree with MCMC’s statement or not.

Mr. Dabihu (center) and his family

David Jack Shaw, 44 years old
senior administrative assistant

I strongly agree. I have been working as an information technology employee for her since 2004 and I can tell you that these minor children are very straight as “controllers”. They have no pre-judgment about things that are beyond their understanding and are very simple-minded. It’s fine if parents want to monitor their child’s activities online, but if the child resists parental guidance, it will have dire consequences. Also, social media is like a drug and there are consequences if used incorrectly. It’s difficult for parents to actually monitor their children’s online activities, but perhaps the developers of these social media websites can help alleviate these problems. My kids only have one social media account each, and it’s strictly for school purposes.

Melviana and her husband

Melviana Fu, 24 years old
Nail artist

I agree because underage children should focus on their studies and not on social media. Additionally, social media content is not completely protected, so children are exposed to highly inappropriate things that can influence them or worse, destroy their childhood. It will be.


Dziestonovic Giro, 37 years old

I agree with MCMC’s reminder to parents to warn their children about having social media accounts. The reason is that privacy is so easily violated in the online world that children who are still under their parents’ protection are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is extremely dangerous for children who are uninformed and can be taken advantage of by dangerous people by clicking on anything they see on social media, including private messages and clickbait. Therefore, it is better for children not to have social media accounts at all.

andrea and kids

Andrea Natalia, 30 years old

I don’t really agree with kids not having social media accounts. Because when I was their age, I had my own social media accounts too. Kids today are more evolved than we were then and have their own smartphones, laptops, and tablets, making it difficult for us parents to control them.


Blauzeil Elden USA, 33 years old
safety manager

Yes, I agree with this statement. Children under the age of 13 should never have social media accounts as they are naive and vulnerable. Firstly, pedophilia cases are rampant and this will definitely pose a danger to our children. Second, social media platforms contain a lot of content that is unsafe for children to view, including gory and inappropriate photos and videos. To me, it’s better for underage children not to own any devices, so why not?

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