Beck & Bulow Adopts Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset

beck & bureauThe Santa Fe, New Mexico-based nationally acclaimed meat and seafood company has decided to accept Bitcoin for online and in-store payments and include Bitcoin in its employees’ 401k program. announced. The company also pledged to hold Bitcoin and the proceeds from it indefinitely in its own reserves.

Beck & Bulow was founded with humble beginnings operating a farmers market and selling meat door-to-door, and has grown to play a larger role in New Mexico’s meat supply chain. The company currently serves more than 1,000 restaurants and retail stores across the United States, including luxury hotels and high-end markets, and recently began exporting bison to Mexico.

In a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the company said the decision to adopt Bitcoin is in line with Beck & Bureau’s philosophy of financial sovereignty and food sovereignty. Beck & Bureau said, “Just as every cut of meat tells a story of quality and craftsmanship, every Bitcoin block proves a step toward a more decentralized and free future.” I believe that.

The company also pledged to keep all Bitcoin payments as savings and convert 20% of its assets into BTC and keep it in Treasury reserves.

By extending the use of Bitcoin into its employee 401k program, Beck & Bulow says it wants to invest in the financial future of its team members and foster a culture of empowerment and forward thinking.

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Beck & Bulow’s adoption of Bitcoin follows a growing trend among companies large and small, following the adoption of the Bitcoin standard by companies like MicroStrategy. Reservations with Bitcoin are becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses, as they offer not only potential financial benefits, but also marketing opportunities.

Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance as more businesses adopt it as a means of payment and store of value. Beck & Bureau’s decision to adopt Bitcoin signals the increasing engagement of traditional industries with Bitcoin.

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