BNB Chain to Enable Native Staking on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) following Beacon Chain Sunset

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, April 25th, 2024]

All validators will migrate from Beacon Chain to BSC, enabling high APY native staking with BSC and MEV-based benefits.

BNB chainthe community-driven blockchain ecosystem includes: The world’s largest smart contract blockchaintoday announced the addition of Native Liquid Staking (LSDFi) to BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Sunset at BNB Beacon Chain.

By enabling high APY native staking on BSC in addition to enhanced MEV rewards, Liquid Staking on the BNB Chain now allows participants to protect the network while maintaining the liquidity of their assets. Masu. By issuing liquid staking tokens that represent staked BNB, users can participate in DeFi activities without sacrificing the utility of their assets. LSDFi integration is expected to take place from April 2024 to early May 2024.

The addition of native staking to BSC will be enabled by the decommissioning of the BNB Beacon Chain, which is expected to be completed in late June 2024. Beacon Chain decommissioning involves migrating all functions of BNB Beacon Chain to his BSC in order to streamline the network and improve efficiency. Reduce security risks and align BNB Chain’s architecture with current technology demands and future growth plans.

Adding native liquid staking to BSC also provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced benefits for delegators: Delegators have the opportunity to benefit from LSDFi and MEV. The daily compounding staking rewards combined with MEV’s income stream suggest that the BNB chain could be an attractive platform for stakers. Additionally, the delegator can now participate in direct voting at her BSC. This is an option that was not available prior to BC Fusion.
  • Increased flexibility: Liquid staking tokens allow users to participate in other DeFi protocols without sacrificing staking yields, increasing flexibility and efficiency in asset management. Additionally, BNB governance and application scenarios will increase.
  • Expand your validator base: Initial 3x voting rights for validators and incentives for LSD/LRT partners, expanding opportunities for participants to influence decisions and benefit financially. This transition will invite new validators, especially those involved in LSD and LRT protocols. lido and Renzo. This expansion diversifies the network’s expertise and innovation and strengthens the BNB Chain’s staking ecosystem.

BNB Chain is also working on strengthening its MEV services at the same time. Currently, there are three main MEV solutions in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Puissant, transmit boostand block route. In order to standardize her MEV solution within the ecosystem, BNB Chain proposed BEP 322 to implement a PBS (Proposer Builder Separation) mechanism in BSC and invited major blockchain entities to participate. MEV supply chain solution. This proposal introduces a standard builder API that allows validators to integrate with multiple builders, promoting competitiveness and improving his MEV market on the BNB chain.

Users can learn more about Liquid Staking at BSC here.

About BNB Chain

BNB chain is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem that removes barriers to Web3 adoption. This consists of:

  • BNB Smart Chain (BSC): A secure DeFi hub with the lowest gas fees among EVM-compatible L1s. It acts as the governance chain of the ecosystem.
  • opBNB: Scalable L2 with lower gas prices and faster processing speeds than any L2.
  • BNB Greenfield: Meets the distributed storage needs of the ecosystem and allows users to establish their own data marketplace.

Setting a high bar for security, avenger dao The community protects BNB chain users while red alert We provide real-time risk scanners for Dapps. This ecosystem also offers various monetary and ecosystem rewards as part of it. builder support program.

For more information, users can follow BNB Chain. X Or start exploring via BNB Dapp library.

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