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The development comes as a report commissioned by England’s National Health Service (NHS) found that the effectiveness of gender identity treatment in the country was “significantly weaker” and that access to similar gender identity treatment was This is in line with several Western European countries reporting declines. Dr Hilary Cass, Consultant Pediatrician;

United Nations Special Rapporteur Reem al-Salem We also welcomed the commitment by the UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to implement the implications of the Cass Review.

It “…shows very clearly.” The devastating impact of gender policies on children’s human rightsincluding girls…Its influence extends far beyond the UK. ” Ms Al Salem, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, said:

Rapid increase in referrals

Independent rights experts found that between 2009 and 2016, the number of adolescent girls who used NHS England services for gender distress, or gender dysphoria, rose from just 15 to 1,071. He cited the findings of a review that said:

These referrals “violated fundamental principles such as the need to protect the child’s best interests in all decisions that affect the child’s life.””, the Special Rapporteur claimed, but transgender rights organizations have argued that there are long waiting lists for treatment.

mental pain

Please note that ‘A disproportionate number of teenage girls’ are affected by anxiety and depression Al-Salem said in recent years that it is “very important that health authorities stop the rapid initiation of a permanent sex change pathway, which usually begins with the inhibitory factors of puberty.” May cause temporary or permanent disruptions to brain maturation”.

Instead, girls who potentially seek “gender-affirming interventions” receive more comprehensive psychological support, protected by legislation that “prevents transition from being the only option discussed with them.” should be provided.

Support for “unmigration”

The same opportunities for broader therapeutic support should also be offered to “detransitioners”, or individuals who have stopped transitioning, “most of whom are girls,” Ms Al-Salem said of the review’s findings. claimed to support.

For too long, the suffering of this group of children and adults has been ignored or downplayed. The report’s findings and recommendations demonstrate that their voices are heard and seen and their specific needs are recognized. ”

harmful discussion

Dr Cass’s report says “many more” young girls are being referred for sex reassignment treatment today, marking a marked change from the past, when most requests for medical assistance were from adolescent boys. ing.

Special Rapporteur Al-Salem reiterated an earlier call for tolerance in the debate over the treatment of gender amidst the “toxicity of the debate” identified by the Cass Review, stressing that: Researchers and academics who express their opinions should not be “silenced, intimidated, or intimidated.”.

The Special Rapporteur is not a United Nations official and is independent from any government or organization. They serve in a private capacity and do not receive a salary for their work.

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