German police launch large-scale investigation into cocaine found in banana boxes

According to Bild newspaper, German police found cocaine in boxes of bananas at numerous supermarkets in the capital Berlin and the state of Brandenburg.

The paper writes: “Police personnel discovered the drugs while unloading and sorting merchandise at the discount store on Thursday morning. The discovery sparked a large-scale police operation, with police patrols armed with automatic weapons also arriving in the morning. They entered the store and secured the contraband.”

In this connection, a branch (of the supermarket chain) in the Schönefeld district near Berlin and a branch in the Marienfeld district were placed under protection. However, it is not yet clear how many stores in Berlin stocked the drug.

The newspaper added: “Parcels of drugs were found in at least four discount stores in Brandenburg. Between 20 and 100 kilograms of drugs were found in each supermarket. However, police are still investigating the substances found in the discount stores. The total amount of cocaine is not yet known.

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