Gerrard chooses the best player of all time, whether it’s Cristiano or Messi

Former England star Steven Gerrard, who is currently the manager of Saudi Arabia’s Al Etifaq, revealed the name of his greatest player of all time and his own football experience, stressing that he gave his all.

Gerrard said in an interview with the Saudi Pro League: Rather, I’m completely interested in sports in life, because that’s what I grew up with. ”

He added: “My advice to young people dreaming of playing professional football is ‘do it the right way. Visualize your dreams, improve, listen to the right people and do your best every day to grow. ‘It’s about making an effort,’ he added. I am very motivated every day. ”

The English football legend continued: “Football is about dreams, memories and experiences, so my advice to them is to define your dreams, set your goals and make the most of every day the opportunity to learn, grow, level up and improve your skills. “Achieve stardom.” ”

He explained: “I want people to remember that while I was active on the field, I gave everything 100% every day. I was loyal, a fighter, and I gave all of my energy and effort to the team I represented. I wanted people to remember me in that way because I wanted to dedicate myself to the team and I was a player on the team.

When asked about the best player in the history of football, Gerrard said: “I choose Zinedine Zidane because he was my hero when I was growing up among my contemporaries.” I choose him because he was the best midfielder in the world. It has expanded. ”

Steven Gerrard concluded: “In addition to Zinedine, I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal and Lionel Messi from Argentina.” They are three of the best players. ”

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