Hedge Fund Veteran Predicts $170K Bitcoin (BTC) by 2025; Polygon (MATIC) Holders Jump Ship to Online Casino Game Changer Rollblock (RBLK)

Former hedge fund veteran Anthony Scaramucci recently made an interesting claim. He believes the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will rise to $170,000 soon. Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) owners have discovered a new sensation: Rollblock (RBLK). Although they consider this Stage 1 presale star to be the best cryptocurrency at the moment, analysts suggest that it could soar to $1 in 2024. Let’s see why.

Anthony Scaramucci makes a bullish prediction for Bitcoin price

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced some volatility recently. This top-5 cryptocurrency has fallen on the price chart from $68,950 to $63,460 in the past seven days alone. During that time, the market capitalization also decreased from $1.36 trillion to $1.24 trillion. but, Anthony Scaramucci predicts Bitcoin could reach $170,000 by 2025.

Technical analysis of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency also supports this statement. For example, 14 technical indicators are in the buy zone while Bitcoin is trading above the 50-day EMA and 100-day EMA. Therefore, experts remain bullish. They predict he could soar to $85,763 within the second quarter of 2024. bitcoin price.

Polygon Price Analysis: Possibility of seeing a reversal soon

Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) holders are becoming increasingly restless. In the last 30 days polygon price It fell from $1.05 to $0.70. During this period, MATIC’s market capitalization decreased from $10.37 billion to $6.94 billion.

However, looking at its technical analysis, Polygon crypto could experience a price reversal soon. MATIC boasts 5 green technical indicators and is trading above its 200-day EMA. For this reason, prominent market analysts have bullish predictions for Polygon’s price. They predict that Polygon’s price will rise to his $1.05 before the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Rollblock (RBLK): A combination of blockchain technology and online casinos

Amid the Bitcoin and Polygon movement, a new online casino platform called Roll Block (RBLK) is also gaining momentum. This new entrant to the online gambling industry is being called a “game changer” and rightly so, as it combines all the fun of gaming with blockchain technology. Some traders even think this is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in right now.

Rollblock attracts users with its unique method of online betting, where transactions occur quickly thanks to blockchain technology. Therefore, people can access it from anywhere in the world at any time without paying hefty transaction fees.

Rollblock also shares daily profits with RBLK stakers. Therefore, you can earn passive income even if you hold the tokens without gambling. Another interesting thing about Rollblock is that it implements a token writing feature, which significantly reduces the supply of tokens and increases their value over time. This is beneficial for his long-term RBLK holders.

RBLK serves as the foundation for Rollblock. This gives owners access to certain games and promotional offers. Rollblock tokens are worth just $0.01 as they are in stage 1 of the pre-sale. Its growth potential is excellent, thanks to its connection to the gaming market, which is expected to reach $682 billion by 2030. Analysts expect the price to reach $1 when it appears on Tier 1 exchanges in Q3 2024.

Will Rollblock compete with Bitcoin and Polygon?

Rollblock has a market capitalization of $10 million. Therefore, compared to top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Polygon, Rollblock requires less new capital for its price to rise. For this reason, RBLK is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now.

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