Jutta’s update on bug bounty program and security audit

Hello, Jutta I’ll write again – I first introduced myself when we launched our bounty program earlier this year, and we’re happy to provide an update on what’s happening on the security front before and during our launch.

We had some quality submissions from bounty hunters. Kudos to the creative exploits made possible by the bug. The number of posts has increased recently. Therefore, we have decided and are announcing that we will continue our bounty program at least through the Frontier phase of Ethereum’s launch plan – see here. Gabu-san and Vinais Each blog post.

please go to us bounty website Be sure to check out the Lead Hunter repository for more information on our bounty program. here Click here for a test script to help you before you start your hunt.

We rely not only on individual bug hunters and the community, but also on EthDev. Gustav SimonsonLate last year, I had begun the process of selecting professional security experts, academics, and blockchain experts for an external security audit. Gustav is currently working with auditors and his Ethereum Go development team to track all tagged security issues. here and work to correct them. We want to properly track all issues and close them only when they are fully resolved and the solution has been thoroughly tested. All bugs we found will be addressed and fixed before the release of Frontier. If you want to monitor progress, please follow us on github.

Initial work by security auditors will be completed within a few weeks, and bug fixes are already well underway. It takes time to address all issues. After all, this is a security-driven process, not a schedule-driven one.

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