Man dies after failing bridge base jump

A man has died after falling while attempting a BASE jump from a bridge over a river in Australia.

Driver Joshua Michael Christian, 32, died after jumping from Brisbane’s Noosa Sound Bridge in March.

He lived in Australia for several years but was originally from Hoylake in Wirral.

Liverpool Coroner’s Court heard today that he and friends went to a popular tourist bridge to “BASE jump” but after one successful jump he slipped and hit his head.

noosa sound bridge

Joshua Michael Christian attempted BASE jumping from Australia’s Noosa Sound Bridge [Google]

He never resurfaced and his body was recovered five hours later.

The court heard today that an Australian inquest found his cause of death was drowning and “mixed drug intoxication.”

Christian’s body was repatriated to the UK.

Wirral coroner Andre Rebelo today released the body for cremation at Llandican Cemetery in Wirral.

Mr Rebelo ruled that Mr Christian had accidentally drowned after failing to BASE jump.

He also asked for his condolences to be expressed to Christian’s family, who were not in court.

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