MCMC uses AI to track individuals who created humiliating photos

Putrajaya: Communications Minister Fahmi Fazil said the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is pursuing individuals involved in the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to edit photos to humiliate social media users.

Fahmi said the measure allows for strict measures to be taken and is to ensure the safety of online users, especially children.

“MCMC is tracking these persons and, to the best of MCMC’s knowledge, some of them, who were previously involved in prostitution activities and punished, have changed form and used other services to engage in vice again. It turned out that it was.”

“This is one of the reasons why we are deeply concerned and why we have taken some strict measures regarding online safety, especially for children under the age of 13,” he told reporters after the appearance. We are advocating for the use of any social media applications to be prohibited.” His ministry’s monthly meeting will be held here today.

Previously, X talked about a humiliating photo editing operation that received negative reactions from netizens and called on the government to ban the use of the technology in the country.

Fahmi said that to ensure transparency and accountability in the use of social media, the Ministry of Communications has held a meeting with several representatives of social media platform providers and will soon announce several measures regarding the safety of online users. He said there is.

“Insha’Allah, I will be holding a meeting in June with those who manage all (social media) platforms in Singapore, (especially) the ‘moderation’ aspect and compliance with national (social media) regulations. That’s the plan,” he said. .

He also reiterated the advice issued by MCMC on Sunday that parents should ensure that children under 13 do not have social media accounts as they are not the appropriate age to use social media. Ta.

“Parents who want to take and upload photos[of their children]please be careful…you never know who might misuse a photo.

“Once again, there are some online crimes that prey on social media users, especially children and people who are not familiar with[the requirements for owning a social media account]and not just those related to AI.” He said.

In his earlier message at a rally, Fahmi said there were two alarming situations on social media. These are the prevalence of deviant teachings and the sexual grooming of children through the WhatsApp application.

“This is very alarming, especially when there is new technology. “I heard that they are using it. This is a terrible use of technology. So imagine if our children were the victims,” ​​he said.

He also stressed that the government will not compromise on the safety of online users, especially children. – Bernama

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