Pustaka will hold Sarawakiana lecture on April 30th

Kuching: The Sarawak State Library (Pustaka) will be holding a Sarawakwana lecture series entitled “Form and Usage of Polite Language in the Malay and Iban Communities of Sarawak” next Tuesday (April 30).

The speaker on this topic is Dr. Remy Gedat from the Department of Language and Communication Education, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

“This study was written by Dr Hamida Abdul Wahab, Dr Siti Marina Kamil and Dr Remy Gedat.

“This study investigates aspects of linguistic politeness, particularly the use of polite words and euphemisms, in Malay and Iban communities in Kuching and Samarahan districts,” Pustaka said in a press release. Ta.

Mr Pustaka said the purpose of this talk was to demonstrate research into the forms of euphemism that exist and are used in the Malay and Iban communities of Sarawak, and to determine the extent to which these euphemisms are used in both communities. He added that the goal is to show how much is being done.

“The data for this study was obtained through a survey method with 50 respondents in each ethnic group.

“The findings show that the use of polite language is generally high, including in both communities, especially among speakers under 40.

“We also found that speakers understand polite words and expressions even when they are not directly said,” Pustaka added.

With this study, Pustama not only focuses on the cultural background of speakers who are rich in linguistic politeness, but also examines the forms of politeness that exist in Sarawak’s Malay and Iban communities and their level of use. He said that it is possible to clarify.

Participation is free and open to the public. For any other inquiries, please contact Aidashermilla Hashim (aidasheh@sarawak.gov.my) and Izaruddin Moss (izaruddin@sarawak.gov.my) (082-374000).

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