Shiba Inu’s Treat Token NOT Launched: Beware Of Deceptive Tactics

Dispelling all rumors, the Shiba Inu team has confirmed that Treat, one of the upcoming ecosystem tokens, has not been launched.Deceptive campaigns in future developments circulate, mistakenly announced a “stealth launch” of the TREAT token. These misleading tactics not only cause unwarranted excitement, but also spread fraud and misinformation about the tokens. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct thorough research and verify the source of this information.

Just the day before, the Shiba Inu team won a $12 million contract for their latest project, Fully Homomorphic Encryption. [FHE] Blockchain using TREAT token.investment round It was led by prominent venture capitalist Cypher Capital. Other investors include Polygon Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Big Brain Holdings, and Shima Capital.

As Tron Weekly previously reported, FHE is a privacy tool that allows developers to process data on untrusted domains without decrypting it. Therefore, FHE integration is designed to significantly enhance the privacy and security of online interactions across SHIB domains.

Today is an important day for us SHIBARMY! He secured a whopping $12 million in funding from strategic VC partners led by @cypher_capital to unlock the next generation Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) blockchain (Shiba Inu’s last unstable token) via $TREAT We are pleased to announce that. Ecosystem!Meet our partners and take a closer look at what this means for our community and the future of cryptocurrencies

According to Shiba Inu, the TREAT token will serve as a “utility and governance token” for a new privacy-focused layer 3 blockchain built on Shibarium, the company’s Ethereum layer 2 blockchain.

Integration of Shiba Inu Tangem

Shiba Inu

Meanwhile, top crypto hardware wallet provider Tangem has expanded its payment options to include SHIB. This move follows a year since the launch of a dedicated Shiba Inu wallet. Tangem emphasized that the addition of cryptocurrency payment options is in line with the company’s commitment to improving security and convenience for cryptocurrency users around the world. It is important to mention that Tangem currently accepts Shiba Inu payments on both Ethereum and his BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network.

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