SOL, BNB holders eye price rebound while Milei Moneda presale shines

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SOL and BNB users expect price rebound as Bitcoin pushes top altcoins, while Millei Moneda’s pre-sale and upcoming defi projects shine brightly.

Finally, the altcoin rush may be here to stay after Bitcoin has given momentum to top altcoins in recent days. With Solana (SOL) and Binance Coin (BNB) rising considerably on the trading charts, SOL and BNB users can expect a quick recovery in altcoin prices overnight.

However, Millei Moneda’s (MEDA) expected earnings this year are particularly promising given that Millei Moneda (MEDA) is involved in several important DEFI projects in the crypto space.

Solana records further rise in altcoin prices

Before meme coins, Solana’s main selling points were the SOL network’s speed and low gas fees. Users flocked to Solana for safe, fast, and cheap transactions, and the ecosystem never collapsed.

When you consider Solana’s involvement in defi, from exchanges to dApps, you may see why SOL is ranked among the top 10 altcoins on the market. Over the past week, transactions on Solana have surpassed transactions on other L1 and L2 networks.

SOL’s bull market was already underway, and the Bitcoin boost was just the beginning. SOL is already up 5% from support, and the bulls are chasing a 10% rally in the coming days.

Binance Coin is now operational with Dubai License business expansion

A full regulatory license from Dubai appears to have given Binance Coin the boost it needs to operate post-Bitcoin halving. Already, Binance has come under fire from multiple regulators over the past six months, a development that has affected BNB and its value in the market.

However, the license from Dubai is just a tailwind in Binance Coin’s recent rally. The main achievement was Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, which placed BNB and some of the best altcoins in prime spots for the surge. Solana and Avalanche join Binance Coin as this week’s top gainers, and BNB is looking to build on this soon.

The future is not very clear, but if all the market indicators for BNB fall into place, we could potentially get a 20% pump from Binance Coin.

The future of MEDA and standards in the meme field

Millay Moneda The past few weeks have been the only light in the darkness for memecoins, as they all went silent after Bitcoin’s massive drop. The reactionary nature of meme coins often makes them poor investment choices, but MEDA is here to change that.

Milei Moneda allows users to earn continuous profits in the long term. Apparently, Millay Moneda has no intention of going down the meme coin path like others. MEDA’s ecosystem will host top defi projects that will compete with even the best defi coins.

Investors considering a long-term position or short-term engagement with MEDA will find that Millei Moneda offers both opportunities. The journey begins with a pre-sale and accommodates both short-term and long-term investment strategies.

MEDA has soared 25% since its opening price, showing its affinity for growth. Currently, the pre-sale is in stage 2, with Mirei Moneda coins being sold at $0.0125 per coin, with a potential return of 60% by May 21, 2024.

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