Spanish leader Pedro Sanchez considers resigning as wife is investigated

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said late on Wednesday that he was considering resigning after a judge launched an investigation into whether Mr Sanchez’s wife abused her position to help a friend win a public contract. Stated.

The development has stunned Spain, and comes just months after perhaps Europe’s most prominent progressive leader secured a second term in power with a difficult coalition against most expectations. posed a question.

“We need to stop and think,” Sanchez wrote. long letter It was published on his X social media account on Wednesday night. He said he had canceled all political engagements until Monday to decide “whether to continue to lead the government or relinquish this honor.”

Mr. Sánchez recently appeared to be overcoming another major obstacle by pledging that the Catalan independence movement would support his coalition government, making his second term in power look solid.

But things changed on Wednesday morning when a judge ordered an investigation into evidence against the prime minister’s wife, Begoña Gómez, on suspicion of spreading influence in response to a formal complaint by the far-right group Manos Limpias. Further details were not immediately available.

In a lengthy article published in X, Sanchez claimed that the accusations were motivated by his political opponents, the People’s Party (PP) and Vox.

In a post on X, the PP Party countered, saying, “His problem is not political, but judicial, and he is responsible for an incident that tarnishes our country’s international image.”

“This is a campaign of harassment and destruction by land, sea and air, aimed at weakening me both politically and personally by attacking my wife,” Sanchez said.

He added that he would hold a press conference on Monday to inform the country of his decision.

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