The long arm of China’s security services

Subscriber+ Exclusive Report — Last November, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited San Francisco to meet with President Joe Biden, Chinese democracy activists in the United States gathered in large numbers to protest Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule. They were greeted by other ethnic Chinese wielding metal poles and pepper spray. the protester said It was orchestrated by the Chinese government.

For Jingrui Chong, a third-year law student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., the pressure from the Chinese government was more subtle. Zhong said. Cryptography overview When Chinese security authorities suspected him of speaking against Mr. Xi’s government, they detained the father in China and ordered him to tell his son to “love the motherland more and love the party more.” The message contained a warning, Zhong said. His family may lose their home and his father may lose his job as a low-level government official.

“Cypher Briefs have become the most popular information vehicle for former intelligence agents. No other media outlet comes close to Cipher Briefs in the number of articles published by ex-media outlets.” —September 2018, Intelligence Studies, Vol. .62

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