The rules of the game will change and Europe may be destroyed.

French President Emmanuel Macron appealed to Europe to rise to the challenges of a changing world, warning that “Europe today is deadly and could be destroyed.”

“This depends only on our choices,” President Macron said in a speech at the Sorbonne University in Paris on Thursday, adding that in a world where the “rules of the game” have changed, Europe will be “armed against the risks we face.” “I haven’t,” he warned. .

He added: “There is a huge risk that Europe will weaken and even collapse over the next decade.”

Mr Macron called on Europe to develop a “credible” defense strategy that would reduce the continent’s dependence on the United States.

“We need to develop a strategic vision for a credible European defense,” he said, adding that he would invite European partners to submit proposals in the coming months.

The French president suggested that Europe also needs to build its own capabilities in the fields of defense and cybersecurity, and stressed the need to prioritize European suppliers in the purchase of military equipment, and to fund these efforts. supported the idea of ​​taking loans from Europe to provide

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