Trump hush money trial live: David Pecker details ‘catch and kill’ plan

The court reconvened. Here’s what people who are just paying attention are missing out on:

The court focused on witness David Pecker, a former publisher of tabloids including the National Enquirer. He claims he handled two hush-money payments to Donald Trump in a “catch-and-kill” manner.

Significantly, Stormy Daniels revealed for the first time how she learned she was trying to sell her account for her alleged tryst with Trump for $120,000.

Mr. Pecker said he told Mr. Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to deal with it himself.

The former tabloid publisher has become concerned about potential campaign finance and election-based legal issues after previous efforts to suppress stories that could be damaging to President Trump. said.

A specific example was the $150,000 catch-and-kill payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who reported that she had an affair with Trump.

Although paying hush money is not illegal, prosecutors are trying to show a pattern of behavior to help prove their case.

They allege that Mr. Trump fraudulently recorded the transaction on the company’s books as a legal expense, when in fact Mr. Trump was repaying Mr. Cohen as hush money.

Prosecutors told the jury this was “election fraud, pure and simple.”

Mr. Trump has maintained his innocence.

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