Victims of Malaysian helicopter crash are buried.Give families $2,800 in child education assistance

PETALING JAYA – The victims of a mid-air collision between two Malaysian Navy helicopters in Perak state in northwest Peninsular Malaysia earlier this week have been buried.

The April 23 crash claimed the lives of 10 officers aboard the aircraft during a flight rehearsal in Lumut for the Navy’s 90th anniversary parade scheduled for April 27.

Malaysian Defense Minister Mohamed Khalid Nordin said in a statement on April 24 that victims’ families would be paid RM10,000 (S$2,800) in preliminary assistance, and donations from the public would be funneled into a special fund set up by the ministry. He said it would be donated to.

Additionally, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development will donate RM3,000 to the families of the victims, Minister Nancy Shukri announced on April 25 after reciting prayers for the victims.

Meanwhile, on April 23, Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education announced support aimed at alleviating the burden on the victims’ families.

The efforts include disbursing RM1,000 to each child attending the victim’s school through the National Education Savings Scheme account. It added that 21 children attending the victim’s school have been identified.

The body of Lieutenant T. Sibastan, one of the victims of the crash, was cremated at the Manjung Hindu Sabah Crematorium on April 25 after prayers at his home in Taman Serdang Jaya, Sitiawan, Perak. .

Lieutenant Sibastan and his wife, a 31-year-old dentist, had just gotten married in January.

His cousin M. Sivanesan, 23, said his wife moved earlier this week to be closer to her husband.

“She was transferred to Tel Quintan and only started working on April 22nd.

“Until then, she used to travel to Lumut every weekend with Lieutenant Sivasthan,” Sivanesan said, adding that Lieutenant Sivasthan’s family was grieving his death.

“They still can’t accept that he’s gone.”

Commander Muhammad Amir Mohamad, 44, the commander of 502 Squadron, was buried at 12:30am on April 25 at the Felukura Bukit Kepong Muslim Cemetery near Muar in southern Johor state.

The burial ceremony was conducted in accordance with naval tradition under the direction of Commander Mohd Hazwan Burhanuddin.

Approximately 1,000 villagers attended the funeral, where commander Mohammad Amir’s father, Mohammad Borak (71), was presented with a naval flag.

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