23 motorcycles detained, 20 summonses issued

Kuching: Recently, a total of 23 motorcycles were detained and 20 citations were issued by the Mardi police in investigations into various motorcycle crimes.

Mardi district police chief, DSP Mohd Ruslan Mat Kibu, said in a statement on social media on April 25 that the operation was carried out in Mardi town, Kampung Pemindahan, Mardi Fort area, Mardi Square and Mardi Stadium Road. said.

The operation, codenamed “Op Motosikal”, was carried out by Mardi Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Unit and Mardi IPD officers on Thursday, April 25th from 4pm to 7pm.

“All citations for motorcyclists have been issued. Throughout this operation, motorcyclists have been advised for the mistakes they have made.

“A total of six citations were issued for not having a driver’s license, others were for missing side mirrors (three citations), no registration plate number (two citations), and for having a modified vehicle. It was an exhaust system (five citations), an expired motor vehicle license (three citations), and a flashy registration number (one citation),” he revealed.

Mohd Ruslan reminded motorcyclists to abide by the law and not to take part in illegal races or activities that could endanger themselves and other road users.

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