American robot dog equipped with a flamethrower

Ohio-based company Throwflame has announced that nearly every American can now own a robot dog equipped with a flamethrower for $10,000.

According to specifications published by the company, the robot, called the Thermonator, has a battery life of one hour, and its ARC flamethrower has a range of about 10 meters.

“Thermonator is the first-ever flamethrower robot dog,” the company said in a press release issued Tuesday.

Thermonator appears to be based on the Unitree Go1, a smaller, lighter version of Boston Dynamics’ popular robot dog Spot.

Throwflame explained that flamethrowers are “not federally regulated and are not considered firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.”

She added, “Only two states have regulations for flamethrowers: California requires a permit, and Maryland has a complete ban.”

Notably, Throwflame bills itself as “America’s oldest flamethrower manufacturer” and claims its products are “proudly made by veterans.”

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