Curtin Malaysia’s digital showcase inspires the next generation of engineers

Millimeter: Curtin University Malaysia recently hosted a digital showcase event for 155 students from SMK Pujut and SMK Merbau, highlighting various digital technologies.

“Many SPM graduates took this opportunity to deepen their understanding of digitalization in the construction sector and showed great enthusiasm for implementing new technologies,” the university said in a statement.

The highlight of the event was the presentation by Ir. One. Mr. Shazwan Ehsan of PCSS Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. focuses on how digital technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D Reality Modeling are transforming the construction industry.

Mr Shazwan illustrated this transformation by displaying a 3D reality model of Kuching City and demonstrating the use of virtual reality (VR) in construction projects.

After the lectures, students participated in interactive competitions and activities such as drone simulations and VR games, and gained first-hand experience with advanced digital tools used in the construction field.

“It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm of our young students as they explore the possibilities of digitalization in construction.

“Events like this not only enhance learning but also encourage people to consider careers in this evolving field,” the organization said.

Curtin’s Department of Civil and Construction Engineering offers a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil and Construction Engineering and Environmental Engineering. These courses incorporate digital technology into the curriculum and are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Authority (MQA), Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) and Engineers Australia (EA).

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