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An astonishing 1.5 trillion tokens were discovered to be moving on the Shiba Inu network in 24 hours. These large transfers are important for traders to be aware of as they can be indicative of upcoming prices. movement.

The transfers involved large sums of money, with one notable transaction transferring SHIB 53.08 billion (equivalent to approximately $1.36 million) from what appeared to be a private wallet to an unidentified recipient. it was done. Another notable move came from Coinbase’s “hot wallet” with over 106.33 billion SHIB (equivalent to about $2.65 million), likely an internal transfer or preparation for a spike in volatility, which we is what you are looking for.

SHIB/USDT chart by TradingView

On the sender side, exchanges like Uniswap and Upbit are involved, suggesting changes in liquidity and strategic positioning by large traders. Such movements may suggest capital accumulation or movement of capital by large firms in response to or in anticipation of market events.

Analyzing the impact of these transfers on SHIB prices is complex. While large inflows into an exchange usually signal potential selling pressure, outflows can signal the opposite – a bullish move or preparations for safe bets. It is essential to monitor subsequent market movements for confirmation.

Turning to the chart analysis of SHIB, the token is trading with volatility between support at $0.00002271 and resistance at $0.00002590. If SHIB maintains its support, it could test the resilience of the current resistance. In a bullish scenario, the pair could break out and target $0.00002774 as the next resistance milestone.

However, if the support fails to hold, there is a possibility of a fall towards the lower support at $0.00002152. The recent heavy trading activity suggests that Shiba Inu may be on the verge of a spike in volatility, which is expected to lead to higher prices.

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