Judge finds headbands were worn to support Hamas

A man who wore a pro-Hamas headband at a pro-Palestinian rally in central London has been sentenced.

Khaled Haisad, 24, wore this at a pro-Palestinian rally in Trafalgar Square on November 25, 2023.

The green headband had “Shahada” written in white letters, the fundamental statement of the Islamic faith, the court said.

Mr. Haisad told police that the headband was a “Saudi item” and that the shahada was “an expression of my faith.”

He was found guilty at London Magistrates’ Court of wearing the item “in a manner or in circumstances which gave rise to a reasonable suspicion” that he was supporting Hamas. This is an illegal act in the UK, where they are designated as terrorists. group.

District Judge Nina Tempia told the court: “Hamas is the most notable Palestinian group associated with the color green…He wore a headband at a pro-Palestinian march, but there is no reason why someone would wear a Saudi flag headband there. ” he said. .

“Obviously there was no Saudi sword attached.

“I find the defendant guilty of the crime.”

Judge Tempia added: “The harm was serious and when it occurred in the immediate aftermath of October 7 it would have meant significant suffering.”

Haisard is believed to be an asylum seeker who arrived in the UK a year ago and had previously pleaded not guilty.

He is due to be sentenced at Westminster Magistrates Court on June 21.

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