Muay Thai governing body needs to be more active

The National Sports Council (MSN) hopes the Muay Thai Association of Malaysia (PMM) will be more proactive in organizing various national championships to develop quality fighters.

Deputy Director-General (Sports Development) Jefri Ngadirin said athlete development programs in the sport were currently being driven by private clubs rather than governing bodies or state associations.



Therefore, there is a need to strengthen more systematic championships through the cooperation of state associations and clubs to ensure the systematic development of the sport, he said.

“In reality, we see that the development of Muay Thai is carried out by clubs, as some state associations are active while others are not.

“Therefore, we expect state associations to organize more structured competitions, and the development of coaches needs to be done more systematically. There aren’t many coaches out there.

“Governing bodies have to play a key role in planning a lot. Therefore, it is the responsibility of governing bodies to ensure that state associations actively organize championships and competitions. From there, we will be able to achieve results for the future,” he said.

He made this comment in response to Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) Kudamera Club coach Mohamad Ridwan Mat Zain’s suggestion to strengthen Muay Thai to develop quality athletes for international platforms.

He said the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and MSN have played a role, but it is not enough. Instead, more active involvement of state Muay Thai associations under the Muay Thai Association of Malaysia (PMM) is required.

Jefri said Muay Thai competed in the Sea Games and was one of the athletes who helped the country win an accidental medal.

Additionally, the government has allocated funds to associations that organize various championships, he said.

“There are three sources of funding that sports associations can obtain. The first is the sports matching grant and the other two are through regional allocation and MSN. “We need to be creative,” he said.

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