Play with the Fish From Finding Nemo’s Reject Pile in Mist Slot!

Now, let’s talk about the Mist slot. Here’s an older man who can’t decide whether to audition for Dynasty or a Victorian play. Judging by his pink eyes, it looks like he’s been staring into the other side of the spyglass for too long.

And don’t get me started on some random monster fish with a DIY headlamp borrowed from the Finding Nemo scrap heap.

In fact, the whole game is just as weird as it looks. Also, why is it called “Mist”? They don’t give us any clues about that either.

The only thing thicker than the fog seems to be the absurdity of this slot. But while you figure it all out, you can also win up to $200,000. And for me that’s enough!

strange gallery

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Mist slot, courtesy of Mascot Games. This slot spins out across five reels and has graphics so crisp you’ll wish there was a hint about the title.

Seriously, there’s no fog here, just an Edward Cullen-level glow when the sun hits it.

Symbols is a gallery of strange things. A pink-eyed captain, a green-eyed Victorian lady, that strange fish, and a compass, a treasure chest, and a jewel similar to the one Grandma Rose threw off the Titanic.

And wild? It’s a spaceship from the 1800s. I think. I’m no Ticket to Ride guru, but I can tell when I see a hybrid rocket disguised as a lighthouse.

Play with the fish in the pile of slots in the fog of Finding Nemo!_special_image_1

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All jokes aside

I wish the mascot could explain what this game is about. Because this game has the potential to be epic story-wise. I would love to try painting by numbers on this theme any day!

But you know when there’s a commotion and the security guard says, “There’s nothing to see here”…well, the same goes for this slot. There’s so much to discuss when it comes to features, cool and unique modifiers, and bonus games.

Literally the only thing you have to shout about is the free respins feature with multiplier, but this is short-lived. Consider a respin or two. After all, this is a high volatility game. To trigger a respin, just land an expanding wild on the reels and voila!

Play with the fish in the pile of slots in the fog of Finding Nemo!_special_image_2

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risk it for a biscuit

When was the last time you saw a gambling game? The world of slots is evolving so rapidly that gambling games became a big topic like two years ago. But now players can get hold and win, free spins, massive multipliers and other loot.

Gambling games seem to be a thing of the not-too-distant past. And guess what? They’re back with this 95% RTP slot – and we don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

Mascot Games definitely needed something a little more to complement the Respin features they offer. So I wouldn’t say no to a double or nothing card game. will you do?

Play with the fish in the pile of slots in the fog of Finding Nemo!_special_image_3

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Looking for a sea quest?

So, Mist Slot, well, let’s round it all up. I know Mascot Games is a genius provider, and I rave about many of their games, but Mist may be nostalgic for me.

It’s a little too basic and very hard to understand. However, its quirkiness made me laugh many times.

The gameplay is simple, the features are kept simple, and there’s definitely a market of players looking for exactly that. myself? I like non-stop casino action, but this doesn’t give it to me.

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