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Preserving state heritage through museum festivals

Publication date: Monday, November 13, 2023

Posted by: Wu Vitek

Alesia launches the 2023 Museum Festival.

Kota Kinabalu: To maintain Sabah’s identity, it is important to emphasize the preservation and preservation of the state’s heritage, objects, tangible and intangible cultural elements. Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Kristina Liew said this was outlined in the State Heritage Act 2017, which mandates the protection and conservation of state heritage sites.

She said this at the launch of the 2023 Museum Festival in the Sabah Museums Department. Mr. Liu’s speech was delivered by Alecia Xiong, Second Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. “This festival must be prioritized and continued to be carried out so that the government’s fundamental purpose and interest in meaning is achieved.” We understand your role in branding and improving our programs.

“I heard that this festival is planned according to the role of the Sabah Museums Department,” said Liew, who also welcomed participants from Peninsular Malaysia. She said the Sabah Museums Department’s efforts to bring together the state’s cultural characteristics into one festival is an alternative means to achieve this policy.

This effort should be developed by attracting more external cooperation to maximize its value, she said. Further, she said the festival can provide knowledge to all visitors and instill a love for cultural values. Ms Liew expressed her hope that the festival would not only preserve Sabah’s cultural values, but also ensure that the cultural heritage of her ancestors would be recognized and appreciated at all levels of society. Such festivals also have the potential to become a tourism product and support local communities in terms of economic generation, she added. Those in attendance included Mohamad Shawali Badi, Deputy Director-General (Policy) of the Malaysian Museums Department, and Lester John Milip, Second Deputy Director-General of the Sabah Museums Department.

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