Shiba Inu (SHIB) Teases Hardfork To Unlock New Capabilities

Shiba Inu (SHIB) plans to introduce hard fork to layer 2 scaling solution Shibariomu As part of an innovative upgrade.

Shibarium hard fork to go live in May

The hard fork is scheduled to go live on May 2nd and will introduce several important features that will improve the user experience of the protocol. Additionally, this upgrade is expected to strengthen SHIB’s community of developers and innovators.

The developers of this protocol strongly believe that hard forks are associated with unlocking the next level of capabilities and features on the network.

“This is not just a technological change. It is about providing new value and simplifying your interaction with Shibarium,” Shiba Inu posted on the official X page.

Precisely, the Shibarium hard fork upgrade is designed to improve several activities on the protocol, such as reducing block processing time and increasing the predictability of transaction fees. This is in direct response to community feedback to improve the platform’s usability and performance.

During this innovative upgrade, Shiba Inu plans to address the challenge of fluctuating transaction fees during high-traffic times. L2 also aims to make costs more predictable and fair for all users. In the near future, this will help maintain the platform’s affordability and accessibility.

Shibarium for security and efficiency

For all cryptographic protocols, achieving robust security, scalability, and consistency is critical to maintaining user trust and confidence. Understanding this core foundation, the Shibarium hard fork upgrade aims to improve the security and consistency of the SHIB network.

SHIB has identified the adoption and integration of unique practices as one way for Shibarium to maintain its presence in the cryptocurrency space as a true technology pioneer. These practices are particularly important for improving the transparency and efficiency of the SHIB writing system.

With all these additions, Shiba Inu believes Shibarium has the potential to become more robust, secure, and easier to use.

News of the upcoming Shibarium hard fork has caused an upheaval in the SHIB ecosystem. SHIB price reacted positively to this information, increasing by 3.2% in 24 hours.

At the time of writing, the price of the cryptocurrency was fixed at $0.00002602. CoinApe reported. Shiba Inu burn rate It soared more than 2,000% on April 25, complementing recent declines and optimism about the potential for SHIB prices to recover amid a bear market across cryptocurrencies.

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