UN special rapporteur on human rights calls for sanctions on Israel

Francesca Albanese, the United Nations Rapporteur on Human Rights in Palestine, confirmed that the situation in the Gaza Strip has not changed after the International Court of Justice’s decision to impose sanctions on Israel and halt the genocide.

“Israel still refuses me access to the occupied territory to begin my work,” Albanese said, adding that “hundreds of wounded and children are being treated unaccompanied in Egypt. He noted that the conditions of patients arriving in Egypt were poor. The treatment is very scary. ”

“The entry of medical equipment and beds into Gaza is prohibited under the pretext of exploitation of medical equipment and beds by Hamas,” he said, adding, “The horrors experienced by the people of Gaza are indescribable. The situation is also deteriorating in the West Bank.” ”

He added, “The United Nations must take on its humanitarian responsibility and provide security for the displaced,” calling for “sanctions against Israel, a ceasefire, and protection for the Palestinian people.” arms exports must be carried out.” It hindered. ”

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