WADA agrees Chinese swimmer accidentally ingested banned substance, launches independent investigation

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recently reported in the media that in 2021, the agency agreed with the results of a Chinese investigation that found banned substances in the bodies of 23 Chinese swimmers who were “accidentally ingested.” It was revealed that swimming was allowed. Participation in the Olympics was controversial in public opinion. The World Anti-Doping Agency announced Thursday that it would launch an independent investigation into the incident.

The New York Times and other media outlets reported last week that the cardiac drug trimetazidine (TMZ) was detected in the bodies of 23 Chinese swimmers months before the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021. However, an investigation by the China Anti-Doping Center (CHINADA) found that athletes accidentally ingested food contaminated with trimetazidine at a party between late 2020 and early 2021. The World Anti-Doping Agency also agreed with the findings and authorized these actions. The players were able to compete.

“WADA’s integrity and reputation are under attack. In recent days, WADA has been unfairly accused of not taking this case to court,” World Anti-Doping Agency President Witold Banka said in a press release Thursday. ” he said. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Court of Arbitration for Sport) filed an appeal in favor of China.

Mr. Banka stressed that WADA continues to reject these false charges and is “pleased to place these matters in the hands of experienced and respected independent prosecutors.”

The review will reportedly be led by Eric Cottier, a former prosecutor general of the Swiss canton of Vaud who has 39 years of experience as a prosecutor. He will be given full authority to review all files related to this case. With file. Related work will begin within the next few days, with results expected to be published within two months.

The World Anti-Doping Agency will investigate whether Mr. Cottier has any indications favoring China, inappropriate interference or other inappropriate conduct in this case, and whether the World Anti-Doping Agency is aware of China’s decision in this case. He stated that he would express his views on two issues: whether the Investigation results of this incident. rational.

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