5 High Volatility Slots Release in 2024

The volatility associated with slot games can be confusing. The easiest way to understand this is: Low-volatility slots produce smaller wins at more regular intervals, while high-volatility slots produce larger wins at much fewer intervals.

There are no hard and fast rules as to which one you should choose. It all depends on what kind of gameplay you want to enjoy. If what you’re looking for is a huge multiplier, the higher the volatility the better. If that’s your problem, here are 5 slots released in 2024 with very high or extreme volatility and fat max multipliers.

Tombstone No Mercy – Extreme Volatility

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Cowboy-themed slot game Tombstone No Mercy started off with a bang, with extreme volatility. This Nolimit City slot features multiplier wilds and three different rounds of free spins. The graphics feel a bit dated, especially in his Nolimit City. However, this theme has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, which I think works well.

Tombstone No Mercy slot has an RTP of 96.05% and a maximum prize of $329,600. Thanks to a multiplier of up to 16,480x, you can aim for the maximum win by betting as little as $20 per spin.

Brick Snack 2000 – Extreme Volatility

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Another slot from No Limit City, Brick Snack 2000, is best described as a dog vomit from the early 2000s. It’s a mish-mash of cultural elements, with a nostalgic kick-a-ball vibe mixed in with a touch of disgust. Only Nolimit can create something this strange.

Brick Snak 2000 slot betting starts from just $0.20 and goes up to $20 per spin. A maximum multiplier of 16,220x gives you the chance to win up to $324,500 at once.

Possessed – extreme volatility

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Joining this list is Nolimit City’s third and final slot. What he has is a creepy AF. If you’re into paranormal horror, this is for you. There are spooky locations and multiple creepy characters. And of course, being a Nolimit City slot, it’s loaded with bonus features.

The maximum multiplier for owned slots is 50,000x, which is the biggest feature on this list. This means you can play for up to $300,000 in winnings for just $6 per spin.

Win with Lobster Bob’s Seafood – High Volatility

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Lobster Bob’s Sea Food and Win This is a bit of a mouthful as a slot name, but I think it’s appropriate for a seafood-themed slot. This slot features a lobster character who resembles Mr. Grub’s gourmet cousin.

In addition to a series of free spins, there is a fun Instant Win feature that pays out every time three or crab symbols appear anywhere on the reels. If on a spin he wins 10 crabs, he instantly receives a winnings worth 500x his stake.

This slot comes with 3,000x, one of the lowest maximum multipliers on the list. This means you need to bet $110 per spin to aim for the maximum payout of $330,00.

Bacon Bunker – Very high volatility

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Bacon Banker is an Iron Dog slot featuring a pig impersonating Elvis. Do I really need to sell this? In that case, it will also include a round of free spins and the Bacon Banker symbol, which will give you an instant win if it appears on the same spin as a gold coin symbol.

Bacon Bunker slot has RTP 96.07% The maximum prize is $200,000. However, the maximum multiplier is 5,000 so he will need to bet $40 per spin to aim for the big prize.

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