A ship from Turkey planning to deliver aid to Gaza was denied the right to sail.

ISTANBUL (AP) — Three-ship fleet planned Humanitarian aid reaches Gaza Organizers said ships from Turkey were prevented from setting sail by authorities in Guinea-Bissau, and two ships had their national flags removed.

On Friday, just before the fleet set sail from Turkey to Gaza with 5,000 tons of aid, a surprise inspection by the International Ship Registry of Guinea-Bissau resulted in the flags being stripped from two Free Fleet ships.

A press release from the Free Fleet Federation described the vessel’s deregistration as a “blatant political move”, adding: “Without a flag, you can’t sail.”

Organizers accused Israel of applying pressure to block the flotilla. “It’s clear and I think it’s widely known that there were close contacts between Israel and the president of Guinea-Bissau,” organizer and steering committee member Thorstein Dahle told The Associated Press, without elaborating. told.

He said hundreds of Turkish and international participants were disappointed by the cancellation. “It’s difficult because it takes time to procure the flags. It’s not a process that can be completed in a few days. …But we’re not giving up.”

The Freedom Platoon Coalition includes Turkish and international organizations, including IHH and Turkey’s Mavi Marmara Association, which also organized the ill-fated 2010 Platoon.

On May 31, 2010, Israeli special forces attacked the Mavi Marmara in international waters, leading to an altercation that left nine people dead and dozens of activists injured. On the Israeli side, seven soldiers were injured by activists who attacked with clubs, knives, and pipes.

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