Boundless artistic experience | The Standard

Your senses are to be stimulated by a diverse cross-cultural art form at the Boundless Reverie: Chinese Savior-Faire and Contemporary Art exhibition at K11 Musea. 

The exhibition started with the background of 19th century Guangzhou, which was a busy trading port for maritime trade, numerous exquisite Chinese goods including gilt black lacquer furniture and ware were exported.

In addition to some fine lacquer furniture including a jewelry cabinet, tea boxes, you can also see how this delicate art is made. What is more, you will dive into a gilded world with the immersive experience.

Since Guangzhou is known for its Yue cuisine, the second part of the exhibition features some well-known Canton dishes and culinary culture.

Forming dialogues with them are contemporary art pieces created by young Chinese and Hong Kong artists.  

Date: Till 19 May 2024

Venue: 6/F, Kunsthalle, K11 Musea


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