Driver fails to show up for sentencing in drug case


Place in Wanchai where Filipino was intercepted. (Google Maps photo) 

A Filipino driver who had been convicted of possession of apparatus used
for inhaling dangerous drugs, failed to show up for his sentencing today at
Eastern Court, worsening his prospects for a kinder treatment.

A warrant of arrest usually issued for those who don’t show up for hearings,
was not issued against Steven Sarmiento.

Instead, Magistrate Minnie Wat ordered a further report from the probation
officer to see how best to treat the 49-year-old Filipino.

His bail of $500 was forfeited and he was to be remanded in
jail custody once found.

Sarmiento was charged with possession of apparatus fit and
intended for the inhalation of dangerous drug, a violation of the Dangerous
Drug Ordinance.

The case stemmed from the police finding in his possession a
glass bottle into which  two plastic
tubes and a plastic straw were inserted, a glass tube with one end shaped like a
bulb, and a plastic straw fit and intended for the inhalation of a dangerous

Also seized from him was 0.0l gram of a solid substance containing
methamphetamine (also known as shabu or ice), which was in the plastic straw.

The items were found in his possession during a routine police
check on pedestrians on Matheson Street in Wanchai last Dec. 20, 2023.


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