From Los Angeles to New York, pro-Palestinian college campus protests intensify in the US | Israel’s Gaza War News

Students at a US university protesting Israel’s war in Gaza have vowed to continue occupying school grounds, despite increased efforts by university leaders and police to quell the demonstrations.

As protests that began at New York’s Columbia University spread outside the United States, demonstrators across the United States are calling on schools to sever economic ties with Israel and end the nearly seven-month-old Israeli war in Gaza that has killed at least 34,388 people. They are demanding a divestment from companies they say are making war possible. and 77,437 others.

The decision to call in law enforcement to remove demonstrators led to hundreds of arrests at various universities. It also encouraged faculty at the University of California, the University of Georgia, and the University of Texas to initiate or pass largely symbolic votes of no confidence in their leadership.

But the tensions are putting added pressure on school officials as they scramble to resolve the protests ahead of graduation ceremonies scheduled for next month.

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