Hamas releases video of two Israeli prisoners held in Gaza | Israel’s war in Gaza News

The two, identified as Keith Siegel and Omri Millan, send their love to the family and ask for their video to be released.

Hamas’ military wing released a video of two Israeli prisoners held in Gaza calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to strike a deal to secure their release.

The video released Saturday was shot similarly to previous detention videos released by the group, which Israel denounces as “spiritual terrorism.”

The two men, who identified themselves as Keith Siegel, 64, and Omri Milan, 47, spoke individually in front of a blank background. They send love to their families and ask for release.

Milan was captured from his home in the community of Nahal Oz in front of his wife and two young daughters during a Hamas attack on October 7.

“I have been here for 202 days in detention by Hamas. The situation here is unpleasant, difficult and there are a lot of bombs,” Milan is heard saying in the video, which was released earlier this week. This suggests that it was photographed.

“It’s time to reach a deal to get us out of here safe and healthy…Keep protesting to get a deal now.”

Saturday’s video comes as Hamas considers Israel’s latest counteroffer for a Gaza ceasefire, following reports that mediator Egypt has sent a delegation to Israel to restart stalled negotiations. It was published in the midst of the announcement.

The video was released during Passover, a traditional celebration of the Biblical story of the Jewish people’s liberation from slavery in Egypt.

At one point, Siegel broke down in tears as she recalled celebrating the holidays with her family last year and expressed hope that they could be reunited.

“We are in danger here. There are bombs. It’s stressful and scary,” he said, crying and burying his face in his arms.

“I want to tell my family that I love you so much. It’s important to me that they know that I’m fine.”

The latest video was released just three days after Hamas released another video showing prisoner Hersh Goldberg Pollin alive.

According to Israeli tallies, some 250 Israelis and foreigners were taken prisoner and 1,139 people were killed in the Hamas attack.

In response, Israel launched an attack on Gaza, promising to destroy Hamas and bring the prisoners home. The war has so far killed at least 34,388 Palestinians.

The Israeli military announced that 129 prisoners are still being held in Gaza, including the bodies of 34 dead prisoners.

Reporting from Tel Aviv, NDMT’s Bernard Smith said the prisoners’ families and friends were relieved to see proof that they were alive.

“They were saying, ‘Time is running out.’ We need a prime minister. [Benjamin Natanyahu] We will accept any deal as soon as possible.”

Mr. Smith spoke out of protest against Mr. Netanyahu.

“These protests are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. They are calling for an end to the war and the release of the hostages.”

“Many of the protesters here say that Prime Minister Netanyahu is deliberately prolonging this war in Gaza to protect himself from the final count at the ballot box.”

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